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why does my arm hurt after a flu shot

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2.why does my arm hurt after a flu shot

29/10/2018 · "The reason why your arm specifically is sore is that your immune system is giving you a robust response to the flu vaccination," says Dr. Juanita Mora, American Lung Association volunteer spokesperson and allergist/immunologist. How can I alleviate my arm pain? Swelling, redness and soreness are common after the flu shot and can last 24-48 hours.


3.why does my arm hurt after a flu shot

22/03/2021 · The elevated rates of arm pain with the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines might have something to do with technology they use, Fuller says. Unlike J&J, which uses a modified virus to deliver a gene that directs our cells to make the SARS-CoV-2’s spike protein, Pfizer and Moderna deliver instructions for making the protein via mRNA.

4.why does my arm hurt after a flu shot

03/12/2020 · If you've ever wondered why your arm hurts after getting a flu shot, look no further. Soreness or pain in the arm and shoulder area is caused by inflammation (via Mental Floss). When the flu vaccine is injected into the muscle of your arm, your body is exposed to an antigen — a dead or inactive version of the influenza virus.

5.why does my arm hurt after a flu shot

29/09/2020 · Why your arm hurts after getting a flu shot — and how to ease the pain The soreness many people feel after getting the flu shot is a sign the body is developing influenza-fighting antibodies. …


6.why does my arm hurt after a flu shot

04/11/2019 · The flu shot is usually injected into your upper arm, which is why the early immune response—and any pain—tends to be localized there. Roughly one in …

7.why does my arm hurt after a flu shot

29/09/2020 · Overall, the flu shot shouldn't hurt all that much — and getting the flu will always be worse than a little bit of soreness. Experts say that it's especially important to get the flu vaccine this year, during the COVID-19 pandemic , to help rule out the influenza as a possibility in the event a patient gets sick, and also to keep hospitals clear in case coronavirus cases spike.

8.why does my arm hurt after a flu shot

10/12/2020 · A sore arm is a very common side effect of the flu shot. It typically goes away after a few days. In the meantime, you can use OTC pain medications or an ice pack to ease pain and swelling at the...


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