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Which wedding gift is considered bad luck?

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1.Miss Manners: The bride gave up her dream wedding to save lives. Must she give up gifts, too?

My daughter had been planning a big wedding on the West Coast for 1½ years, but then the pandemic forced her to cancel it.

2.15 Best Wedding Gifts for Female Best Friend

It feels like yesterday when my friend told me that she found her knight and shining armor. We talked for hours about the ...

3.Wedding Planners Reveal The Secret They Had To Choose To Either Keep From The Bride To Save The Day Or Tell Her And Ruin The Day

Content edited for clarity. Wedding planners save the day! Or enable chaos. It is one or the other here and it just so ...

4.Miss Manners: Our co-worker gives us homemade gifts and tells us there’s no charge

My co-worker is an enthusiastic crafter who delights in sharing her creations. While this is most generous, she will often ...


5.Inside Look: This Multicultural Wedding at The Fabulous Fox Theatre Was a Total Showstopper

Talk about tying the knot in showstopping style! St. Louis-based Natalies Brides planned a wedding this past fall for local ...

6.Ask Amy: They’re mask-free and happy. How do I tell them my news?

I dealt with serious side effects from the vaccine, and unfortunately have zero antibodies to the virus. As depressing as ...


1.Wedding superstitions

dance barefoot at the wedding or she will never marry. Giving a couple a knife or a set of knives for their wedding gift is bad luck, as it signifies a broken

2.List of bad luck signs

Bad luck is an unpredictable outcome that is unfortunate. This is a list of signs believed to bring bad luck according to superstitions: Breaking a mirror

3.Marriage in Pakistan

offer gifts. Dinner is then served to the guests. Baraat (Urdu: برات) is the groom's wedding procession which mainly occurs in Punjabi weddings and in


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