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Which animal is most closely related to whales?

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2.Which animal is most closely related to whales?

Nov 28, 2021 · Which animal is most closely related to whales? #Answer


4.Which animal is most closely related to whales?

Mar 19, 2009 · Thewissen says that whales are more closely linked to an extinct pig-like animal, often known as India's pig or Indohyus, while hippos are closely related to living pigs.

5.Which animal is most closely related to whales?

Jan 07, 2021 · Step 1 : Introduction to the question "Which of these animals is most closely related to the sperm whale?"...1. Hippopotamus 2. Cat 3. Chimpanzee 4. Rat Step 2 : Answer to the question "Which of these animals is most closely related to the sperm whale?" Hippopotamus: Please let us know as comment, if the answer is not correct!


6.Which animal is most closely related to whales?

In fact, hippopotamus are actually whales’ closest “cousins”, and they’re much more closely related than you might guess. Based on their fossil record, scientists have determined that whales are related to land dwelling mammals that lived on Earth between 52 – 47 million years ago.


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1.Morphological Evolution in Whales

The molecular evidence indicates that whales are most closely related to hippopotamuses ... Lakeville, CT: Grey Castle Press, 1991. "Whale." Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia. Whale. New York: Van ...

2.Whales eat three times more than previously thought

To estimate how much baleen whales eat, scientists previously analyzed their metabolic needs based on their size and activity level using a closely related or similarly sized animal as reference.

3.Amazing Antarctic Animals Quiz

Krill form an incredibly important part of the Antarctic ecosystem, with most of the larger Antarctic animals depending on krill either ... but structurally they are more closely related to true ...

4.Humans could soon TALK to whales: AI is learning to decode clicking sounds made by the animals

The interdisciplinary team of researchers will need to develop the most delicate ... something closely, there has never been a time when I've been underwhelmed by animals.' Sperm whales have ...


5.Top Ten Most Beautiful Animals

They are actually pretty chill animals, attacks are very rare. 2 Tigers The tiger is the largest cat species, most recognizable for their pattern ... groups of genera that are not necessarily closely ...

6.whale: Types of Whales

There are two major groups of whales—the toothed whales (suborder Odontoceti) and the toothless baleen whales (suborder Mysticeti). Toothed whales range in length from 4 to 60 ft (1.3–18.5 m). They ...

1.Killer whale

species of dolphin. They have been known to attack baleen whale calves, and even adult whales. Killer whales are apex predators, as they have no natural


2.Captive killer whales

Captive killer whales are live killer whales (Orcinus orca) which are held in captivity by humans, often for breeding or performance purposes. The practice


right whales Cetotheriidae: Pygmy right whale Balaenopteridae: Rorquals Odontoceti Physeteroidea Physeteridae: Sperm whale Kogiidae: Lesser sperm whales Platanistoidea


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