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What word was banned on “I Love Lucy”?

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1.The unanswered ‘Jeopardy!’ question: Who’s the new host?

Jeopardy!” needed a host, and Lucille Ball had an enthusiastic suggestion for creator Merv Griffin: The smooth-voiced, ...


1.Lucy Does a TV Commercial

"Lucy Does a TV Commercial" is the 30th episode of the 1950s television sitcom I Love Lucy, airing on May 5, 1952. It is considered to be the most famous

2.List of songs banned by the BBC

article lists songs which have been banned by the BBC over the years. During its history the corporation has banned songs from a number of high-profile


Lucy Wills to successfully treat a form of anaemia in mill workers in Bombay. She later identified folic acid as the active ingredient. Marmite was used


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