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What TV show inspired the phrase jumping the shark?

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1.The Simpsons episode that ruined the show for good

It was a Sunday night in our house when, after an unsettling 30 minutes of television, I began to grieve for The Simpsons.

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1.Batman (TV series)

vicious shark prowls. If the player is killed by the shark, the game over screen may tell the player to "use the bat shark repellent", a reference to the 1966

2.TV Tropes

reference the phrase. TV Tropes does not apply the term to a show, that being a subjective opinion about the show, but cites uses of the phrase by the show ("in-universe")

3.Evel Knievel

similar trick, albeit on waterskis, inspiring the creation of the phrase "jump the shark." Afterwards, Knievel retired from major performances and limited


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