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What is a synonym for “pensile”?

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2.What is a synonym for “pensile”?

Synonyms for PENCIL: crayon, ink, caricature, cartoon, outline, profile, draw, picture, scrawl, scribble


3.What is a synonym for “pensile”?

Synonyms for pencil include note, write, compose, draught, draft, formulate, inscribe, pen, scrawl and scribble. Find more similar words at!

4.What is a synonym for “pensile”?

Find 113 ways to say PENCIL, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

5.What is a synonym for “pensile”?

The best 20 synonyms for pencil, including: pen, pointer, line, gleam, indicator, streak, Handhugger, shaft, lead pencil, paintbrush, scissors and more... Find ...


6.What is a synonym for “pensile”?

Synonyms for pencils include stationery, ink, letterhead, notebook, notepad, notepaper, writing implements, writing materials, envelopes and office supplies. Find more similar words at!

7.What is a synonym for “pensile”?

Synonyms for pencil in include arrange provisionally, forecast tentatively, arrange subject to confirmation, make as a provisional arrangement, time, schedule, organise, organize, arrange and program. Find more similar words at!

8.What is a synonym for “pensile”?

Pencil definition, a slender tube of wood, metal, plastic, etc., containing a core or strip of graphite, a solid coloring material, or the like, used for writing or drawing. See more.


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As Allbirds and preppy quarter-zips swept into boardrooms and C-suites across the rest of the country, Capitol Hill remained ...

2.Invention of the Pencil

Before themid-1500s, "pencils" consisted of a thin rod composed of soft lead, and were used mostly by artists. The word pencil comes from the Latin word "penicillus," which means "little tail" - the ...

3.Today’s Word Search: Glitter pens and stackable pencils – throwback to school stationery only ‘90s kids will remember

It’s not Thursday yet, but we still think nostalgic stationery deserves an early throwback. School children have especially ...

4.German translation of 'pencil'

Use an eyebrow pencil to draw the shape first then fill in with pencil and finish with a brow powder. Choose an eyebrow pencil a shade or so darker than your brow colour and fill them in to give ...


5.Who invented the pencil?

Take the rediff business quiz to find out. Biz Quiz is best viewed in Internet Explorer (IE) and Netscape above version 6.0. 1. The word Pencil is derived from Pencillus which means ...

6.Two Patents published today Extensively Cover the Apple Pencil 'Scribble' feature with a new "Search Word" feature & more

In this case, the Scribble feature for Apple Pencil came to market well before ... Here, users will be given a word "Search" option. As indicated in FIG. 10, the options for selected word #808 ...

1.Ruby-crowned kinglet

Canada. The ruby-crowned kinglet builds a cup-shaped nest, which may be pensile or placed on a tree branch and is often hidden. It lays up to 12 eggs, and


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