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What is a synonym for “parlance”?

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2.What is a synonym for “parlance”?

Find 23 ways to say PARLANCE, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


3.What is a synonym for “parlance”?

parlance. Contexts . . A way of speaking, or of using words, especially associated with a particular topic. (grammar) A group of words that functions as a single unit. Speech. A public lecture or reading, especially delivered at a college or university.

4.What is a synonym for “parlance”?

Synonyms for parlance in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for parlance. 17 synonyms for parlance: language, talk, speech, tongue, jargon, idiom, lingo, phraseology, manner of speaking, diction, phrase, phraseology, phrasing....


5.What is a synonym for “parlance”?

1 ‘a Munro, in climbing parlance, is a Scottish mountain exceeding 3000 feet in height’ SYNONYMS jargon , language, phraseology, idiom, -speak, talk, speech, manner of speaking, way of speaking, vocabulary, vernacular, tongue, idiolect, patter, argot, patois, cant

6.What is a synonym for “parlance”?

n. # argot , vernacular. language. n. # communication. speech. n. # vernacular , argot. jargon.


7.What is a synonym for “parlance”?

1 : speech especially : formal debate or parley … battle and not parlance should determine his right and title. — John Speed. 2 : manner or mode of speech : idiom The company's computer system had, in computer parlance…

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