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using a pedometer can promote a physically active lifestyle.

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1.Is 10,000 daily steps really the magic number for better health?

Ever since the “walk 10, 000 steps a day” concept was introduced, people have assumed that this golden number must be ...

2.Why 10,000 Steps? Here's Where This Daily Fitness Goal Comes From-and Whether It's Worth Following

Keep moving your feet until you hit 10,000 steps. For some people, this is an easy feat-a goal they hit without trying ...

3.Kenner dieticians ready to promote healthier lifestyles

A dietitian duo has joined the Kenner Army Health Clinic team at Fort Lee, Virginia, and they’re ready to share their ...

4.As young people tune out, can Olympics vault over the generation gap?

The IOC is worried about the ageing television audience for the Games, as well as the legacy of Olympism – its promotion of ...


5.Sport Ireland announces €5.9 million Boost for Sport and Physical Activity with Kilkenny among the winners

Sport Ireland has today announced an investment package of €5.9million in Dormant Accounts Funding for a wide range of sport ...

6.‘Make cycling a lifestyle’ urges famous Qatari cyclist

A bicycle is a simple, affordable, reliable, clean and environmentally fit sustainable means of transportation. Experts are ...


1.Physical education

use technologies such as pedometers and heart rate monitors to make step and heart rate goals for students. Other technologies that can be used in a Physical


credited with upending the stereotype of gaming as a sedentary activity, and promoting an active lifestyle. Exergames are seen as evolving from technology

3.Thomas Jefferson

including a revolving book-stand and a "Great Clock" powered by the gravitational pull on cannonballs. He improved the pedometer, the polygraph (a device


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