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Theranos ceo elizabeth holmes trial

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2.Theranos ceo elizabeth holmes trial

Oct 07, 2021 · Former Safeway CEO Steven Burd testified Wednesday during the criminal trial of Elizabeth Holmes about his company's decision to invest heavily in a partnership with her blood testing startup ...


3.Theranos ceo elizabeth holmes trial

Oct 12, 2021 · The Elizabeth Holmes Trial: Defense Shows Safeway Vetted Theranos Partnership Email in court shows former CEO said grocery chain did hundreds of hours of due diligence before inking Theranos deal

4.Theranos ceo elizabeth holmes trial

Oct 06, 2021 · Key Points. The former CEO of Safeway, Steve Burd, took the stand in the trial of Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes testifying about the failed $300 million partnership. A second juror was excused...

5.Theranos ceo elizabeth holmes trial

1 day ago · Theranos Inc. That Burd’s vision never materialized before his 20-year tenure at Safeway ended was meant by prosecutors as an object …


6.Theranos ceo elizabeth holmes trial

1 day ago · The Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes leaving the courthouse in San Jose last week. ... Unlike the frenzy that has surrounded nearly every twist and …

7.Theranos ceo elizabeth holmes trial

1 day ago · Steve Burd, who led Safeway from 1992-2013, took the stand for a second day in the criminal fraud trial of Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes.

8.Theranos ceo elizabeth holmes trial

Oct 13, 2021 · The Elizabeth Holmes trial: The prosecution scores a $275 million point Former Safeway CEO Steven Burd leaves the courthouse after testifying in the Theranos trial. Brittany Hosea-Small/Reuters


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1.The Elizabeth Holmes trial: Another sucker takes the stand

Steven Burd, former CEO of the supermarket chain Safeway, told the court how Elizabeth Holmes talked him into a disastrous ...

2.Jurors in Elizabeth Holmes' trial raise concerns about questionnaires with personal information being released

The trial of former CEO Elizabeth Holmes was delayed Wednesday after some jurors raised concerns about questionnaires with ...

3.Elizabeth Holmes trial: Walgreens executive didn’t want to believe Theranos technology was flawed

Two businessmen who helped make multi-million dollar deals with Holmes testified at her trial this week: former Safeway CEO ...

4.Elizabeth Holmes trial Week 5 recap: A juror leaves over punishment beliefs, and former Safeway CEO Steven Burd describes an unusual deal

Former Safeway CEO Steven Burd testified about the company's contract with Theranos, and a second juror departed in a ...


5.Walgreens paid a $100M 'innovation fee' to team with Theranos, its ex-CFO said at Elizabeth Holmes' trial

Walgreens was such a big believer in Theranos' technology and the profits it promised that the drug store chain invested $140 ...

6.Ex-Safeway CEO tells Elizabeth Holmes' fraud trial that 'charismatic' presentation persuaded them to spend $300million on new clinics before repe…

Former Safeway CEO Steve Burd, left, testified in federal court on Wednesday that he had concerns about the delays with ...

1.Elizabeth Holmes

Elizabeth Anne Holmes (born February 3, 1984) is an American former businesswoman who was the founder and chief executive of Theranos, a now-defunct health



"After the Theranos Mess, Can We Finally Quit Idolizing Entrepreneurs?" (Commentary), Fortune magazine. May 27, 2016. "Theranos, CEO Holmes, and Former

3.Ramesh Balwani

operating officer of Theranos, which was a privately held health technology company founded by his then-girlfriend Elizabeth Holmes. Theranos claimed to have


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