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The Reason Why These Animals Went Extinct

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2.The Reason Why These Animals Went Extinct

9 hours ago · The Reason Why These Animals Went Extinct. Shutterstock. By Debra Kelly / July 10, 2021 9:59 pm EDT. Extinctions are nothing new. It turns out that the turnover rate of life on Earth is about as fast as customers when the McRib is back at McDonald's... relatively speaking, at least.


4.The Reason Why These Animals Went Extinct

8 hours ago · The Reason Why These Animals Went Extinct. - Debra Kelly • 52m. Extinction rates have been abnormally high since around the 16th century. Here are some of the species that are gone forever, and what really … Read more on ...


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1.The hidden history behind our pets' most revolting habits

From pooing in strangers' gardens to barking incessantly, even the most precious pets can be annoying, embarrassing, or just plain revolting. Where did these behaviours come from?

2.Mouse thought extinct for 150 years found living on island

A mouse thought to have become extinct more than 150 years ago has been found alive on an island off the coast of Western ...

3.'We are causing them to go extinct': Meet the professor who is working to save rare Iowa turtle species

The wood turtle, found near Cedar Falls, is in danger because of climate change, habitat loss and raccoons who eat its eggs ...

4.Wild animals are born free, they should remain free: As the government pledges to stop zoos keeping elephants, Virginia McKenna tells the tragic tale that star…

Virginia McKenna, 90, speaking from her cottage in Surrey, said starring in the 1966 film Born Free transformed her life as ...


5.2021 sees an alarming spike in the number of pangolins killed on S’pore’s roads. Why?

However, roads rather than poachers are the biggest enemy of pangolins in Singapore. There may be a record number of pangolin ...

6.The Mercury's Sound Off for Sunday, July 11

How do you get a license to drive or fish or buy a gun? How do you get cold medicine or get a library card? How do you get on ...



domestic animals, in an attempt to achieve an animal breed with a phenotype that resembles a wild type ancestor, usually one that has gone extinct. Breeding

2.Terrestrial animal

Terrestrial animals are animals that live predominantly or entirely on land (e.g., cats, ants, spiders), as compared with aquatic animals, which live

3.List of extinct bird species since 1500

found since. It may well persist, as there is no obvious reason why it should have become extinct. Northern stripe-crowned spinetail, Cranioleuca pyrrhophia


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