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Subway tuna debate rages on

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1.Subway tuna debate rages on

“Eat fresh” at Subway — but good luck eating fish, if a news report on the sandwich chain’s popular tuna sandwiches is to be believed. A lab report that found "no amplifiable tuna DNA" in Subway...


2.Subway tuna debate rages on

28/01/2021 · A recent lawsuit against Subway, purveyor of sandwiches allegedly made of food and not the public transit option of the same name, claims that the “tuna” in its “tuna …


3.Subway tuna debate rages on

1 day ago · Subway's tuna is also the subject of a California lawsuit. See more stories on Insider's business page. Subway fired back after accusations that …

4.Subway tuna debate rages on

1 day ago · Subways’ tuna has been in question since a January 2021 lawsuit claimed that the popular Subway sandwich meat was a “mixture of various concoctions that do not constitute Tuna.” …


5.Subway tuna debate rages on

28/01/2021 · A recent lawsuit against Subway, purveyor of sandwiches allegedly made of food and not the public transit option of the same name, claims that the “tuna” in its “tuna salad” is not made from fish at all, a claim the chain, famous for being similar enough to better sandwiches to settle for on a road trip, refutes vehemently. But this latest, litigious, interaction is just an extreme ...

6.Subway tuna debate rages on

24/06/2021 · Subway just responded after it was accused of serving tuna sandwich that contain zero tuna DNA British influencer slammed for announcing they ‘identify as Korean’ 1 day ago Mum shares heartbreak after no-one turns up to son’s birthday party


7.Subway tuna debate rages on

6 hours ago · A Subway worker has revealed how tuna and steak arrive at the restaurants ready to be made into sandwiches—as the chain faces questions over …

8.Subway tuna debate rages on

2 days ago · A commercial food testing lab has failed to identify any tuna DNA in a series of Subway tuna sandwiches, a popular item on the fast-food giant's menu. The lab test, that was commissioned by the New York Times, saw a reporter acquiring “more than 60in the worth of Subway tuna sandwiches” from three Los Angeles storefronts.

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