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1.Jovan pulitzer wikipedia

Jovan Hutton Pulitzer (self-styled as Commander Pulitzer and formerly Jeffry Jovan Philyaw) is a self-styled American entrepreneur and former treasure hunter from Dallas, Texas, known for inventing the widely-criticized CueCat barcode scanner and so-called "kinematic artifact detection" technology to find folds and bamboo fibers in election ballots.

2.Jovan pulitzer wikipedia

Pulitzer was born Jeffry Jovan Philyaw and after as long TV career only being known by the one word moniker of “Jovan”, and after a stalker event as result of being a high-profile TV Personality, Pulitzer changed his legal name to match his publishing name of J Hutton Pulitzer.


3.Jovan pulitzer wikipedia

The CueCat was invented by J. Jovan Philyaw, who changed his name to Jovan Hutton Pulitzer. Belo Corporation, parent company of the Dallas Morning News and owner of many TV stations, invested US$37.5 million in Digital Convergence, Radio Shack $30 million, Young & Rubicam $28 million and Coca-Cola $10 million. The total amount invested was $185 million. ...

4.Jovan pulitzer wikipedia

Jovan Pulitzer does not have an official Wikipedia made in his name. However, his brief information could be obtained from IMDb. His real name is Jeffry Jovan Philyaw. He is …

5.Jovan pulitzer wikipedia

German-American Jovan Hutton Pulitzer (who's birth name was Jeffry Jovan Philyaw) invented the first machine-readable code (CRQ - See Our Cue - Q Code) whereby computers using a scanning peripheral device or a mobile device's camera to open a web page.


6.Jovan pulitzer wikipedia

Jovan Hutton Pulitzer (birth name Jeffry Jovan Philyaw) is an Actor, Author, Writer, Executive Producer, Producer and Director. Pulitzer's first media appearance was in the 1980, Jackie Chan debut movie, Big Brawl or Battle Creek Brawl (original release title) featuring Jose …

7.Jovan pulitzer wikipedia

He was born as Pulitzer József (name order by Hungarian custom) in Makó, about 200 km south-east of Budapest in Hungary, the son of Elize (Berger) and Fülöp Pulitzer (born Politzer). The Pulitzers were among several Jewish families living in the area and had established a …

8.Jovan pulitzer wikipedia

Jovan Hutton Pulitzer. 45,697 likes · 6,223 talking about this · 28 were here. Jovan Hutton Pulitzer™ Google Scholar Author, Inventor, Explorer


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1.J Hutton Pulitzer

Jovan Hutton Pulitzer (self-styled as Commander Pulitzer and formerly Jeffry Jovan Philyaw) is a self-styled American entrepreneur and former treasure


2.Deaths in 2021

disease. Vance Trimble, 107, American journalist (The Kentucky Post), Pulitzer Prize winner (1960). Novica Zdravković, 73, Serbian folk musician, prostate

3.Fences (film)

his Pulitzer Prize-winning 1985 play of the same name. In addition to Washington, the film also stars Viola Davis, Stephen McKinley Henderson, Jovan Adepo


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