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What is zucchini called in the U.K.?

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2. What is zucchini called in the U.K.?

Jan 11, 2021 · WHAT IS ZUCCHINI CALLED IN THE U K ?. This video will give you a 'Straight To the point' information / answer / solution of : What is zucchini called in the ...


3. What is zucchini called in the U.K.?

Jun 12, 2021 · Zucchini. This vegetable is called a courgette in the UK. Both words mean “the little squash”, but the US word comes from Italian and the British from French. Similarly, an eggplant is called an aubergine in the UK.

4. What is zucchini called in the U.K.?

Jan 12, 2021 · If you want to whip up some ratatouille in London, you'll probably be looking to pick up a courgette or two — otherwise known as zucchini. The name comes from the French word "courge," meaning gourd, and so a courgette is a little gourd. Whatever name you know it by, the zucchini is a variety of cucurbit, belonging to the same family as cucumber, squash, and melon.


6. What is zucchini called in the U.K.?

What is zucchini called in the U.K.? What is zucchini called in the U.K.? Artichoke. Courgette. Swede. Aubergine. Answer Courgette. Categories Question-Answer. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Comment. Name. Post navigation.


7. What is zucchini called in the U.K.?

Apr 03, 2021 · What is zucchini called in the U.K.?

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